The B Book, Bakuna's Babies is due for release in March. 

Bakuna’s Babies
Baboons are not meant to have twins
but Bakuna proved them wrong and had two babies. 
How would she look after them, and would the rest of the troop help? 
She finds help from a very unlikely friend and in the process teaches everyone a very positive lesson.

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    Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Warren was exposed early on to the indigenous respect for animals and tradition of storytelling.  These became passions that influenced his Montessori teaching and tale-writing.  He believes reading together is an important aspect of bonding as well as being educational.  Warren hopes that these stories will enrich the lives of his readers and bring awareness to the protection that is necessary to save these African animals.  
    He currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife and their Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. 


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